Finca Ses Talaioles

The magical Ses Talaioles, the history of its ancient tower, its never-ending light, the atmosphere of traditional rural living that still exists here, the passion of our young winemakers and the sense of family on the estate – these are the elements that subsists the spirit of this paradise.

In addition, there is the unique terroir and the newest know-how of experienced winemakers; the wine originating here should mirror all of this.

A materialization that emerged from the distinctive location of the “Espiritu de Ses Talaioles” and could not have originated in any other location in the world. A quintessentially authentic result from the combination of these ingredients and realities is, and remains, our goal.

How it all began!

People often spend their whole lives searching for a place that satisfies the yearnings of their soul. Ses Talaioles is one of those places, characterized by its lightness and vastness, stately earthiness, and ancient history. This is a place where apparent opposites combine to form a unique whole.

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Our unique Terroir!

Located in the foothills of the Llevant Mountains in eastern Mallorca, the grounds heavily feature lime deficient, rocky camps. One such location lies the hillside which protects the center point of our establishment, the historic manor.

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