The Finca

Reinventing a
historical place

In the east of Mallorca, in close proximity to the Mediterranean Sea, lies the Ses Talaioles winery; full of traditions, full of history. A magical place that is reflected in the taste of its wines.

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Porc Negre - Die Schweinezucht
Porc Negre - Die Schweinezucht

"The atmosphere of the ancient house, the vastness and the endless light on the fields, the warm, salty sea air, the family togetherness - this is Ses Talaioles."

Franz de Waal Finca Ses Talaioles

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The Wines

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The Terroir

Minerality, profundity, and structure characterise the three wines of the Terroir line. Intense aromas of black-red berries dominate the bouquet.

€30.00 / l
€44.00 / l
Na Pujola
€92.00 / l
The Wines

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The Talvin

The Talvin line is a monument to the prehistoric inhabitants of the Balearic Islands, the strong Talayots, who also settled in the area around the Finca. These wines impress with their freshness and liveliness.

Talvin Red
€18.67 / l
Talvin Rosé
€18.00 / l
Talvin White
€18.00 / l
The Bodega

Tradition meets

The development of the grapes' very own aroma is of utmost importance at Ses Talaioles. Precise craftsmanship and the latest innovative techniques produce the highest quality.

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Arbeit im Weinberg

"We give the wines the time they need to unfold their very own characteristics."

Federico Zaina Winemaker, Finca Ses Talaioles